thermocouple supplier in india & RTD supplier

All types of thermocouples, RTD and thermowells available. Customizations also done.

Available Types Thermocouples : K, J, T, E, R, S, W, W3 and W5, simplex or duplex.
RTD : PT100, 2-,3-,4- wire
Thermowell : Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, Plain Weld
MOC Thermocouples & RTD:(Sheath) AISI316/304/321/347/310/ 446/inconel600/ Hastalloy X
Thermowell: SS304, SS316, SS310, SS446 & Inconel 600
  • High Integrity construction suited to arduous operating conditions.
  • High Accuracy and Stability maintained throughout operating life.
  • Fast Response & High Insulation Resistance.
  • Sheath can be bent & retains its form after bending to suit particular installation.
  • Excellent Shock & Vibration Resistance.
  • RTD are available with Platinum element, R=100 ohms, temp.coeff.0.385 ohm/°C, simplex or duplex, in sheath diameter from 3mm to 8mm and in lengths from 10 cm to several meters as per order.