PLC/HMI Supplier In Mumbai


Basic Unit 1) 20-Points: 12DI / 8DO   (Stand alone)
2) 30-Points: 16DI / 14DO (Expandable)
3) 40-Points: 24DI / 16DO (Expandable)
4) 60-Points: 36DI / 24DO (Expandable)
Expansion Unit
Digital I/O unit Analog I/O unit
16-point I/O Unit(8 DI/8 DO) Input Unit (4 ch.)
16-point Input Unit Output Unit (4 ch.)
16-point Output Unit(8 DI/8 DO) I/O Unit (2 AI/1 AO)
32-point I/O Unit(16 DI/16 DO) Resistance Bulb Input Unit(4 ch.)
60-point Unit I/O (32 DI/28 DO)
Comunication Adapter RS-232C Adapter (1 ch.)
RS-485 Adapter (1 ch.)
Control Functions Pulse Train Output Function (Pulse Width Modulation also available.)
Pulse Catch Function
High-speed Counter Function
Constant Scan Function
Interrupt Input Function
Analog Timer Function (2 Nos.)
Features Compact size
Two Programming languages
Large-capacity memory
High-speed processing
Self-lifting block & Finger Protection
Online program edit function
International standard conformity
MONITOUCH (Fuji HMI) direct connection
Adapter Analog Control (PID also)


Our HMI products scales new heights of excellence. Optimum operability, Intuitive controls, and Extended capability to display and utilize your application.

Display Size 5.7"  |  7"  |  8.4"  |  10.4"  |  12.1"  |  15"
Display TFT color LCD
16.7 million colors
Touch switch Capacitance or Analog resistance film
Memory Internal : 64MB(FROM) and 800KB(SRAM)
SD card
USB A or mini-B
Communication Ethernet
Wireless LAN
Serial : RS-232C/422/485
Features Enhanced Display Quality
PDF Viewer Function
Smooth Operations with Fingers (Gestures)
Abundant Quantity of Information
Networking (Email & FTP)
VNC Server Function
Screen Overlap
Trend/Alarm Data Display
Recipe Function Remarkably Cost Effective